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Faculty of Occupational Safety in Nis is a higher education institution with the status of a legal entity within the University of Niš.The Faculty is an educational and scientific institution.Within its basic or accredited activity, the Faculty organizes and implements academic and professional study programmes at all study levels, innovation of knowledge, and other forms of professional education and development.The Faculty conducts basic, applied and developmental research pertinent to its accredited activities.The Faculty performs other work for the purpose of the accredited activity, in compliance with the law and the Statute.The Faculty was founded by the Republic of Serbia.The Faculty has the status of a legal entity, with all the rights and obligations according to the law and the Statute. The full name of the Faculty is: University of Nis, Faculty of Occupational Safety in Niš.The Faculty location is in Niš, Čarnojevića 10a.The Faculty is registered with the Court Registry of the Commercial Court in Niš.The full name of the Faculty in Serbian is:  Univerzitet u Nisu, Fakultet zaštite na radu u Nišu.

The Idea

The idea about the founding of the institution whose interest would be prevention in the domain of occupational safety appeared in 1955, first with the founding of the department of occupational safety. The new-founded institution was embraced by the factories and companies, those who had seen a chance for better working conditions and more successful entrepreneurship. In September 1968, the first generation, with 67 students enrolled. In 1972/73, from the Occupational Safety department of Civil Engineering, the faculty grows into the separate faculty - The Faculty of Occupational Safety, based on the decision of the civil engineering council which was made on the 3rd of March, 1972. Parallel to the process of creating optimum working conditions, a process of advancing of education and creating conditions for acquiring higher levels of contemporary knowledge in the area of Occupational Safety. The fire and explosions were at that time very serious, so there was a need for the detailed studying and research. In order to come/satisfy the needs of economy and society for more expert staff in the certain fields of occupational safety, The Faculty founded postgraduate studies for getting the degree of Master of Science and PhD degree in the field of Occupational Safety. Until 1988, engineers and graduate engineers of occupational safety were educated. That year, a new department was founded - Fire Protection. In the late ‘80s of the 20th century, negative influence of the steam power plants, nuclear plants, chemical industry) disturb, destabilize natural balance, pollute the air, water and soil. In 1991/92, the first generation of students started their studies on the course of protection of the environment. Apart from elementary studies, specialist, master studies and Phd studies of environmental protection start as well. The Faculty educates staff who later work in small, moderate, big companies, big business systems, ministries, protection of the environment, internal security forces, insurance companies, secretariats and societies. The Faculty of Occupational Safety Diploma is respected outside our country as well. More than four hundred graduated engineers from the Faculty of Occupational Safety are employed in the surrounding countries (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia) in the countries of Europe (Slovenia, England, France, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic), Arabic countries (Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates…), USA, Canada, New Zeeland, Australia, Sudan.


Nowadays, Faculty of Occupational Safety has a distinctive and significant place in the organized system of working and life environment protection, fire protection, emergency management and communal system management, not only in our country. The Faculty of Occupational Safety has raised the level and the quality of working conditions, in the beginning of the century, by supplying laboratories, study rooms, computer centers, library and other modern educational and scientific institutions. Masters’ degree for occupational Safety, Protection from Fire and Protection of the Environment got 250 experts. Up to now, about 60 top experts and knowledgeable science staff who make a significant contribution to the development of occupational Safety science system, fire protection and environment protection have PhD degrees. The library of the faculty more than 10 000 library units, domestic and international magazines; it publishes specialized catalogues for term papers and final exams papers, master theses, PhD theses and scientific and research projects. The faculty is also recognizable for the organization of scientific events and conferences, and first of all for its traditional science conference “Man and working environment”, which has been taking place at the Faculty for a quarter of a century. National conferences with international guests are there also, “Noise and Vibrations” and “Professional risk- theory and practice assessment”. Faculty of Occupational Safety’s main concern is its students. Favorable conditions for education and development of scientific and research work are made. Modern classrooms and amphitheatre prove the quality of working space and yet show that there is still room for improvement. Student parliament gives students a chance to be creative in the field of culture and sport, as an international event for the students of this Faculty. International cooperation is important for the Faculty’s activities. Excellent cooperation is made with scientific and educational institutions from Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, England, Austria, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates. Getting the award of the city of Nis, the 11th of January award, for extreme achievements in the field of science and education- is the crown of all the work of the Faculty of Occupational Safety. The award is even more significant if we have in mind that Faculty of Occupational Safety is the only one which has got this prestigious award.


The basic activities of the faculty - education, science and research – are successfully implemented through 12 laboratories.  The laboratories located at the Faculty facilitate learning experiences and enable students to gain valuable practical knowledge and skills in the field of their study


Basic Academic 

  • Occupational Safety
  • Environmental Protection

Master Academic Studies

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Occupational Safety Engineering
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Emergency Management
  • Communal System Management
  • Environmental Management

Doctoral Academic Studies

  • Occupational Safety Engineering
  • Environmental Safety Engineering

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