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Faculty of Occupational Safety in Niš is one of the fourteen faculties within the University of Niš. The Faculty is widely recognized for supporting education and research across the broad range of safety engineering disciplines. With over 50 years of tradition, we are the oldest state institution of higher education in Serbia dedicated to delivering quality teaching and research in the field of occupational and environmental safety engineering. The Faculty is home to 50 members of teaching staff, 31 non-teaching staff and over 900 students. By the same token, we are proud of more than 5000 alumni at all study levels. We offer BSc study programmes in Occupational Safety, Environmental Protection and Fire Protection, as well as MSc study programmes in Occupational Safety Engineering, Fire Safety Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, and Emergency Management. Our distinction is PhD studies in Occupational and Environmental Safety Engineering that enable young researchers to pursue their careers in academic institutions. The commitment of our staff ensures that our students graduate with a range of skills that allow them to join the cohort of alumni that go on to senior positions in industry.

Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor Academic Studies)

  • Occupational Safety
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fire Safety

Master Studies (Master Academic Studies)

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Occupational Safety Engineering
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Management

PhD Studies (Doctoral Academic Studies)

  • Occupational Safety Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
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19th International Conference "Man and Working Environment"

Occupational and Environmental Safety Engineering & Management (OESEM)

November, 24-25, 2022, online Organized by Faculty of Occupational Safety, University of Niš, Serbia

OESEM 2022

University of Niš
Faculty of Occupational Safety

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