Technology Transfer Centres - TT-Centres

Many of our academics offer consultancy and expert services to industry, enterprises, institutes and other research organizations, putting their expert knowledge into practice to address engineering problems all over the world. Our staff are highly experienced in fieldwork and laboratory work, and have expertise in occupational and environmental engineering issues that mostly relate to the development of risk assessment and risk management plans, inspecting, checking and testing work equipment, workplace health and safety training courses, environmental impact assessments, chemical accident risk assessments, feasibility studies, etc.

There are 6 TT centres at the Faculty:

  • Centre for Occupational and Environmental Safety
  • Centre for Distribution of Developmental Strategies
  • Centre for Technical Systems Safety
  • Centre for Managing Risks in Working and Living Environment
  • Centre for Protection and Rescue
  • Centre for Capacity Building in Environmental Protection

University of Niš
Faculty of Occupational Safety

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