The laboratories located at the Faculty facilitate learning experiences and enable students to gain valuable practical knowledge and skills in the field of their study. Our laboratories provide a wide range of facilities available for research, consultancy and services to business entities. 
Each research section has a dedicated research laboratory. We have 12 labs, out of which 5 have been substantially refurbished within the past few years.

  • Fire Alarm Systems Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Machinery Safety
  • Laboratory for Noise & Vibrations 
  • Laboratory for Testing Chemical Parameters of Working and Living Environment
  • Laboratory for Accident Prevention
  • Air Quality Management Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Fire Protection Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Electromagnetic Radiation and Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Laboratory for Work Environment Comfort
  • Laboratory for Safety in Electrical Engineering
  • Laboratory for Water Quality Monitoring

University of Niš
Faculty of Occupational Safety

Čarnojevića 10 a 
18106 Niš 
Phone: (+381 18) 529 701
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